National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011) 
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National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011)

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A Million Miles and a Jump Rope

Mark Rothstein, elected into the National Fitness Hall of Fame (2011), created the epitome of a grass roots fitness movement nearly thirty years ago by establishing The World of Rope Jumping. Mark has toured the United States and abroad having presented more than 10,000 live shows to over 5,000,000 young people.  Presently, he continues an exciting annual touring schedule in which he drives more than 65,000 miles to perform over 400 programs. Mark has personally driven more than 1,500,000 miles on the highways, byways and rural routes of America, to every show which he has performed! 


How It All Began

Creating the grass roots tour... In 1981, after graduating from college with his degree in education, Mark worked in the education and fitness industries while also performing rope jumping exhibitions. This included endorsement performances for Reebok, Disney World, Coca Cola and other major corporations. Utilizing the entertainment value of Mark's rope jumping, along with his educational background and fitness expertise, in 1986 he created the Jump Against Drugs program. The show was based on the simple, yet complex, concept of Mark performing his electrifying rope jumping exhibitions, coupled with the positive messages of living a healthy, drug-free life. Jump Against Drugs coincided with the "Just Say No" campaign of the 1980's.  

Guinness World Rope Jumping Records

Along this journey... Inspired by the many fitness feats of the legendary Jack Lalanne, in 1989, Mark established his first world record for continuous rope jumping for 22 hours 10 minutes and 01 second. The charitable benefactor of this endeavor was The Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) Institute. Just over a year later, Mark established his second record for more than 36 hours of continuous rope jumping. During Mark's shows, if asked, he enjoys sharing the interesting rules which govern such a feat, as well as his personal training methods used in preparing to establish these records .

The World of Rope Jumping

Welcome to The World of Rope Jumping... In the early 1990's Mark's Jump Against Drugs program evolved into what is known today as The World of Rope Jumping. Present day shows are still based on Mark's electrifying jump rope exhibitions, but they now include powerful, positive character building components. Honesty, integrity, teamwork, respect,  kindness, healthy lifestyles and trying your best are all key elements of his current shows.

In addition to his live shows, Mark created an All Day Visit, which also offers students the opportunity to work "hands-on" with him in rope jumping / fitness workshops. To date, more than half of his bookings are for the  All Day Visit.

Mark now offers an Evening Show which allows parents and their children the opportunity to enjoy an evening with him, in their community, promoting rope jumping, fitness and a healthy lifestyle, all while having fun! 

Additionally, Mark has created a series of rope jumping and fitness videos (originally on VHS, now in DVD format) which are available to physical educators and the general public around the world.

Touring The World

Around the World... The mid 1990's to the present have literally been a whirlwind of travel and performances for Mark which, in addition to his annual USA Tour, have included four tours of Singapore, three to the Middle East, two of Europe and a tour of Nova Scotia in the middle of winter!  One of many, very proud and humbling, international experiences was Mark's invitation to perform for President Ramanathan of Singapore at The World Healthy Heart Expo in Singapore to honor the new millennium. Other honors included keynote presentations at the Bahrain National Aerobics Championships, and for The National University of Singapore, as well as main stage shows at Olympic City during the Games of the XXVI Olympiad. The highlights, friendships, educational experiences and memories of international travel are truly rewarding and will be forever cherished.

National Fitness Hall of Fame Induction...

National Fitness Hall of Fame Induction ... In the Autumn of 2011 after shows and an evening drive -on tour- along I-80 West in Nebraska, Mark was informed he had been inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame. Induction into The National Fitness Hall of Fame has further inspired Mark to continue his journey as a performing professional rope jumper and role model while making a positive and profound difference in the lives of young people around the world!

My Everlasting Tour of America

My Everlasting Tour... To describe the experiences I enjoy, to pay homage to the multitudes of responsible people, and to properly thank the millions who have humbled me as my audience, will require a book -which could one day happen- but until then...

...To everyone who joined me at the beginning of this never-ending rope jumping and fitness  journey, and to those who have joined me along the way, I thank you.

Mark Rothstein

Guinness World Record Holder     10,000+ shows  

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