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National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011)

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From The Kids

KidsKidsWhen I first learned to jump, I thought I wasn't really good. I didn't like it that much. Then when I saw Mark, I heard what he said. He said, "Just keep on tryin'". I listened to him and now I made it as far as I could... to the hour power team, and I give a lot of that credit to him, because he never lost hope in people and never lost hope in himself.
Andrew - age 9
 I like to jump rope because it inspires me and makes me happy.
Lauren - age 8 3/4

Mark changed my life because he made me like to jump rope.
Vanessa - age 9



Did Mark's Show Inspire You?

KidsMark inspired me to jump at least more than two minutes, and I jumped for 10 minutes.
Kaitlyn - age 8

Mark changed my life because when I watch him I get interested and I get real, real interested in jumping and I get healthier all the time.
Dylan - age 8

KidsMark made me love jump roping when I first saw him.
Holland - age 10

I like watching Mark jump rope because he does tricks and it makes me want to be like him.
David - age 9

Ever since I saw Mark jump rope, it has inspired me to make a goal to jump at least one hour and practice more at home...
Jackson - age 8, about to turn 9

I get better and better at it. I used to just jump one jump, but now, I can jump three and a half minutes.
Blake - age 5 1/2


How's Rope Jumpin' Working For You This Year?

KidsIcan go backwards, Super Sonic fast.
Hannah - age 5 1/2 

I jump rope a lot and it's my favorite thing to do.
Isaiah - age 6

I was the first Kindergartner this year to get my name on the wall. My best jumping is two minutes.
Carson - age 6

I work hard.
Mackenna - age 6

KidsI can do five criss-cross in a row.
Logan - age 6

I like to jump rope because I can get more muscles.
Paul - age 5


How Does Rope Jumping Benefit You?

It's a good exercise and it also moves your body and gets it working.
Megan - age 8

It makes me confident... it gives me strength, and makes me healthy.
Kelvis - age 8

KidsIt makes me focus and get healthier.
Francis - age 8

It gives me energy and is very fun.
Jada - age 9

It gives me something to do instead of play on the computer.
Brandon - age 7


Thoughts About Mark's Visit...

Thank you for teaching us how to jump rope. It helps your mind and body be healthier.
Kyle - age 8

KidsYou taught me how to keep my body healthy and strong.
Jayden - age 7

You do great tricks every year!
Amelia - age 8

Mark has changed my life because I used to not like jump roping and when I saw him, I liked it.
Jack - age 8

You're the awesomest jump roper ever!
Brian - age 7

You've taught me to always try my hardest.
Shelby - age 10

I appreciate you coming and doing your performance for us. Your jumping is amazing.
Noah - age 9

KidsI wish that I could be just like you! You're a great guy!
Matthew - age 7

Mark is a really cool guy, and I want to learn how to jump rope just like him.
Martrevius - age 9

KidsYou've really given me a lot of courage to meet my goal!
Hussan - age 10

Mark, every time you come to my school, I have a special feeling and respect you even more.
Alex - age 10

I like the way that you can do great tricks!
Paula - age 8

I want to thank you, Mark, for teaching me how to jump and how to always try hard, and know that if you don't succeed, then always keep trying.
Praise - age 9

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