National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011) 
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National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011)

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Original Instructional DVD #1 in the Series


1. Opening Demos
2. Welcome from Mark

3. Benefits of Rope Jumping
4. Shoes, Surfaces for Rope Jumping
5. Select, Measure, Adjust Rope
6. 16 Non-Jumping Skills
7. "Aviation" Routine
8. Fundamentals of Jumping
9. 15 Basic Jumping Skills
10. 7 Special "Tricky" Skills
11. 4 Power "Supersonic" Skills
12. Demo of All Skills


13. Double Dutch Jumping
14. "DD3 in Motion" Routine
15. Team Traveler
16. "Showtime" Routine
17. Credits, Dedication

DVD#1-ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONAL Mark's First Video production has become a timeless instructional classic which has been distributed throughout the world. This DVD is a meticulously detailed "how-to" jump rope video for all ages, and it is beneficial for all level rope jumpers.

In 1996 this Video received the distinct honor of being selected by The American Heart Association as its exclusive educational video for 25,000 physical education teachers around the USA to promote the Jump Rope For Heart Event.

This DVD is a recommended prerequisite for DVD's #2, #3, and #4.

3rd Edition © 2014.
Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.
Appropriate for all ages.
40 minutes.

#1 Original Instructional
Guinness World Record Holder     10,000+ shows  

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