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National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011)

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Adults Workout DVD #4 in the Series


   1.  "Power" Routine:  Mark
2.  "Elegance" Routine:   René
3.  Fitness Demo:  Mark & René
4.  Welcome from Mark
5.  Warm Up
6.  Cardiovascular Jumping I
7.  Target Heart Rate Check
8.  Calisthenics I
9.  Cardiovascular Jumping II
10.  Target Heart Rate Check
11.  Calisthenics II
12.  Cardiovascular Jumping III
13.  Cool Down


14.  "Mystique" Routine
15.  "Ultrasupersonic"  Routine 
16.  Encore, Credits


DVD#4-ADULTS WORKOUT Mark and Cirque du Soleil star René Bibaud lead you through an enjoyable workout for all level adult jumpers. This DVD includes rope jumping for cardiovascular fitness, light weights for muscle toning, and stretching for flexibility. Mark and René will also mesmerize you with their routines.

3rd Edition © 2014.
Filmed on location in South Carolina
Appropriate for adult ages.
45 minutes.

4 Adults Workout
Guinness World Record Holder     10,000+ shows  

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