National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011) 
Direct Line: 678-471-6597 
National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee (2011)

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School Evening Show

Evening Show

A wonderful culmination to Mark's visit, the Evening Show allows parents and students an opportunity to participate with Mark in an enjoyable jump rope and total fitness workout.

The evening program is typically scheduled as an addendum to the School Assembly or the All Day Visit.

Evening Show

Please contact Mark for further details, costs and scheduling.

If there is one person our students should have the opportunity to meet, I vote Mark. Not just because he is a professional athlete inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame but because of "what he stands for" and the "inspirational messages" he will pass along to our students.

C. Horn, Physical Educator, Upton, Massachusetts (
Guinness World Record Holder     10,000+ shows  

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