Performance Based Keynotes

National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee and two-time Guinness World Record Holder  -for marathon rope jumping- Mark Rothstein offers inspirational, motivational, goal oriented Keynotes for your company or organization.

Based on the classic philosophy that “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, Mark’s unique Keynote delivery system opens with an electrifying rope jumping exhibition set to hi-energy music! Now in his 60’s, and still performing at an elite level, your attendees will quickly become engaged.

Throughout the body of Mark’s keynote he will articulate profound messages which certainly may be amended for your specific needs, but will generally include….

  • Fitness is Neverending. Integrity is Everlasting.
  • Achievement: Believe & Work. It all starts here.
  • Team Building: Begin with what is working
  • Mindset: Establishing World Records.
  • Leadership: Success plus Humility.

You motivated each team member in a unique way. Those who were unmotivated are now on fire! My team was so impressed with your athleticism and skill set. The motivation you have inspired from within is phenomenal!

Barbara Morris, CEO, Scottsdale, AZ

Wellness Workshops

Mark also offers interactive wellness-based workshops to get everyone up and moving. His skill set goes far beyond the jump rope. Through Mark’s expertise in fitness your attendees will enjoy ‘hands-on’ workshops emphasizing cardiovascular health, basic stretching, calisthenics and a bit of enjoyable rope jumping. The goal being to leave energized and inspired to “Show up and do Something” each day with regards to a healthier lifestyle. Thus, creating more productive team members, healthier individuals and a better quality of life for all!

If there is one person your team should have the opportunity to meet, I vote Mark. Not just because he is a professional athlete inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame but because of “what he stands for” and the “inspirational messages” he will pass along.

C. Horn, Upton, Massachusetts

Fitness is Neverending
Integrity is Everlasting