16,000 School Assembly Programs

8,000,000 Inspired Children

Present Day: Mark tours the USA and abroad performing inspirational Elementary School Assemblies based upon his performing electrifying rope jumping exhibitions to children of all ages.

The inspiration for Mark’s School Assemblies are based upon his having established Two Guinness World Records for endurance rope jumping, being inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame and his skills set as an educator, professional athlete, role model and performance-based entertainer.

Through the years and to this day, Mark has personally driven to each & every U.S. School Assembly, now more than two and a half million miles on the highways, bi-ways & rural routes of America.

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School Assemblies

School All Day Visits

Elementary School Assemblies

Mark’s inspirational school assembly is based upon his performing electrifying rope jumping exhibitions coupled with positive-interactive character building messages to your students and faculty. His performances are commonly referred to as mesmerizing.


Performance Based Keynotes

Wellness Workshops


Based on the classic philosophy that “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, Mark’s unique Keynote delivery system opens with an electrifying rope jumping exhibition set to hi-energy music!

Through the years, Mark’s has delivered keynotes to: Presidents and dignitaries, FBI Special Agents, Law Enforcement, Fitness Professionals, Educators, Corporate employees and the general public. His interactive keynote messages will be profoundly inspirational and specifically adapted for your audience

Fitness is Neverending
Integrity is Everlasting