15,000 Appearances
Since 1979

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Mark’s inspirational messages, character and level of fitness are second to none. His career exemplifies the model demonstrated by the late great Jack LaLanne more than anyone I know!

Coach Jim Everroad, The National Fitness Hall of Fame


Performance Based Keynotes

Wellness Workshops

Adult Keynotes

Based on the classic philosophy that “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, Mark’s unique Keynote delivery system opens with an electrifying rope jumping exhibition set to hi-energy music! Now in his 60’s, and still performing at an elite level, your attendees will quickly become engaged, interested, entertained, informed and may even wonder… who is this guy?

Adult Keynotes


School Assemblies

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Children’s Programs

Mark’s inspirational show is based upon his performing electrifying rope jumping exhibitions coupled with positive-interactive character building messages to your students and faculty. His performances are commonly referred to as mesmerizing.

Children’s Programs

Fitness is Neverending
Integrity is Everlasting